Friday, April 25, 2008


These are new items I added to my etsy store today.
Nathan uploaded the pics to the puter and I did the posting on the store all by myself. I am so proud of myself.
This is a binky holder that I came up with when Viv asked to do
something about the ribbon that the plastics loops come with.
Dishcloth, gotta love them.

Another dishcloth. You can never have enough.


Caroline said...

cute stuff....keep on hookin!

Our Great Family said...

I love it!
Everyone always complemented on Owen's binky holder. :) They couldn't believe you made it.

e said...

I want lots of binky holders. :o)

I am so proud! You figured out etsy all by yourself. :o) Good job! Sorry I slacked.. :o(

Yasmin said...

I checked out your blog and I really loved all your lovely creations. Very cute and pretty. Keep up the good work!