Monday, February 17, 2014

Jan 28, 2014, when we made history

January 28, 2014
0900 hours
We pack the van. Sam scrapes off the ice from the windshield. It's snowing a little bit, flurries really, but we were so excited.

1100 hours
We are at the parking lot at Lowe's loading up some supplies into the van. It's snowing harder now and someone mentioned it would snow for the next 8 hours.

1300 hours
We made it safely to our house. The roads is covered in snow now and it hasn't stopped.
We unload the van. Well, Sam unloads the van, I was busy taking pictures. All of a sudden the snow starts to fall heavily. I love it. It's beautiful but I want to enjoy the snow from the safety of the cabin where we stay not on the roads. I tell Sam we had to go. We leave

Sometime between 1300 and 1400 hours
We come out of the residential community. There's a downhill spot that drops on US64, there's also a stop sign. Sam hits the brakes, nothing, he does it again, nothing. The van starts to slide onto the state road. He tries to throw the van on the shoulder to the right. Nothing. We slide onto oncoming traffic. One driver manages to go by just fast enough to make past our van. Everything is in slow motion. The second driver traveling on 64 almost makes past behind us. He hit our taillight and rips our bumper off. No one is hurt. BamBam is shaking she's so cold, I am happy as a clam as it's snowing really hard. A firefighter offers to get BamBam warmed up. First snow related fender bender.

1500 hour
We make back to Wagonmaster Ranch where we stay. BamBam is not sure how she feels about the snow covered ground.

 She gets over it very quickly and starts to walk and sniff the 'white cold thing that falls from the sky'

 1700 hour
I decide to go to the van to get my blood pressure cuff. No one ever told me that the doors freeze in place. As I grabbed the handle to open the passenger door it didn't budge. I fell on my butt and my legs slid under the van. HA! First snow related tumble. It was awesome.

Jan 29, 2014
We are snowed in.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Cherokee Lake - June 2013

We went to Murphy, NC, again this last June.
Sam is building a small cabin for our retirement and to get me out of FL as the weather here is horrible.
On the way down, Sunday, Father's day, we stopped at Cherokee Lake, on 294, so our friend, Paul could take some pictures.
I snapped a few too.
Gotta make memories, right?
BamBam had lost of fun and was so happy.

Father's day, June 16, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

That's me in the corner

Yesterday was not a bad Sunday aside from being extremely hot.
I crocheted some, did some laundry, took care of two plugged up cats that couldn't pee, did the dishes, and didn't take a nap.
Oh, I even went around the corner with BamBam which tired her, it was way too hot and humid still.
Then I fed everyone, including my humans.
After that I felt sick, all of a sudden. I was eating dinner with Nate and told him my head was numb again, I get this numbness feeling going thru my head often.
I finished my sandwich and told Sam that I was not feeling well. I grabbed my cane and went to sit on the couch. JUST IN TIME!
The seizure hit. I had only time to alert Nate who was sitting in the same room.
It was a bad seizure too. Today I am so tired, my head is confused.
I have been listening to R.E.M., Losing my Religion. When the song goes 'that is me in the corner', that hits me like a brick.
That is how I feel, like I am in a 'corner' looking at life passing by.
It's so scary to go out. I never know when a seizure will come.
What if I am at Hobby Lobby and have one?
I like to go to Hobby Lobby with BamBam. She helps to keep me from having panic attacks and I still can have some sense of independence, going out by myself.
I do not want to have always someone with me. That depresses me.
I do not know what to do from now on.
Meanwhile, I will just stand in the corner.

'That's me in the corner 
That's me in the spotlight  
Losing my religion' (R.E.M.)