Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Squares and caps

Well, I crochet very slowly. Somedays due to extreme pain I don't crochet at all. Those are crazy days.
Crochet to me is therapy. It is a talent God has given me so I can help others.
When I crochet something for a family member, friend or for charities, I feel my heart getting all fuzzy.
These are some of the squares I have made for different charities.

These are some of the newborn caps I have made for a local hospital. I made a total of thirty.

Hope you enjoy looking at them. I sure had fun making them.


Caroline said...

loved seeing all your hard work!

Our Great Family said...

I love the caps. They are so cute. And so are the squares.

I can't believe you made 30 caps. lol

CraftyAshley said...

That is amazing all the charity work you do. Doesn't look like you crochet slow to me. Hope your having a good day today!

E said...

I like the yellowish cap.. I never saw all the caps you made.