Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cards,cards, cards

Cards. I am sure you love to receive a beautiful card in the mail. Nowadays it's so much technology that ppl have forgotten the art of snail mail.

It's so much easier to text msg, email, IM and so forth.

But don't forget to send a nice card once in a while to a loved one. I am sure it will make his/her day.

I love making, receiving and sending them.


Dee's Digital Designs said...

I love the quilled dragonfly card! Very cute!

pinkrosesglass said...

I love the quilling! i just bought a book on cardmaking. Hopefully my cards will be as pretty as yours!

TracyLeigh said...

Wow, I haven't quilled in years. Those are beautiful.

Lorena said...

I love the dragonfly one!