Friday, June 13, 2008


I made some more furryghans. These ones instead of taking straight to the humane society, I am listing them at my 2kute kreations shop. The profits from the sales will be donate in cash to the humane society.
I am honoring some pets we have had in the past and are, for one reason or another, already in heaven waiting for us. We miss them.
The first one is Tiger. He was a sweet orange tabby that one day just vanished. We suspect a neighbor got rid of him.

This one is for Charlie. Same fate that Tiger encountered, so did Charlie. Also an orange tabby, he had more white than Tiger who was his brother.
Charlie was a wild one. Big hunter. We found many birds, lizards and other "gifts" for us by the front door.


david santos said...

Really beautiful!

The Regina's said...

How about my poor beautiful Dexter? :o(

I like the pink one!

2kute said...

hold your horses E, I am gonna make nuff snuffagains to honor all of them.

Sam said...

Hi u went to my Sam's Spot blog. I want to remind you to check my blog again next friday to see the answer to this weeks mystery and to checkout the new mystery.

Our Great Family said...

Did you write this entry or did you have some assistance from one of your offsprings? lol

BTW, you are going to have to honor a lot of our pets that have gone.
There is also Joe, Cooper, and a bunch of other cats. Nathan will remember them. lol