Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

Well, I am a mother of three. My twin girls are married and mothers themselves.
I still have a teen son at home. He went thru some troubled couple yrs with all the teen changes but he is a lot better now.
He gave me flowers for mother's day. It is an orchid. Very beautiful. He is going to learn how to take care of it.
Isn't my orchid beautiful?
Btw, he paid for it with his own money. Aint that cute?


The Regina's said...

gorgeous! And so sweet!!! :)

maggie said...

Very nice!! My boys aren't old enough yet to spend the "big" bucks on flowers. I've been promised breakfast and dish washing for Mom's day...I'll take it:)

Sweet Mama Jones said...

Very nice! I would love an orchid and am so afraid I would kill it. My youngest picked roses for me from the neighbors yard...he says she gave him permission, I'm not so sure!! Eeek! He only took 3 and he's still young & cute enough to get away with it. LOL

Paperprincess34 said...

Very sweet! I love the orchid. One of my favorite flowers. My little guy made me a bracelet at school and presented it to me before I was even awake. I dont know how he managed to hide it from me all this time.

Our Great Family said...

The flowers are beautiful.
Boys will always love their mamas. ;)
But you lucked out bc all your kids love you very much!

Linda said...

Orchids are stunning.

Anonymous said...

That's my favorite flower, Wonderful!!!!