Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bambam is 10

Yesterday was Bambam's 10th birthday. I had planned in doing a photo shoot and get new pictures with her but I was sick. I spent the whole day in bed and yeah, you guessed, she was right there with me.
This morning I woke up still sick and after a small breakfast, I had to go back to bed. She went with me of course and just laid by my side while I slept.
When I woke up and decided I could manage to change, she got up with me. I changed and grabbed my laptop. She was so excited when she saw me carrying my laptop. She knows, I know for sure she knows, that when I follow my morning routine of coffee and laptop time I am ok.
She ran for the sofa where we sit in the morning. She just lays by my side while I check my messages.
Yep, she's right here with me now.
She's my little angel in a fur coat. I am so glad we get to spend these many years together.


BOWquet said...

10 already?! Happy Birthday!!!

PussDaddy said...
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PussDaddy said...

Happy Birthday BamBam. You sure are cute.


Creative Minds said...

happy birthday to BB