Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lid Holders

Hello everyone, I am sorry for such a lack of postings.
I have some health issues that cause some memory problem. One of the things that I kept doing to myself was burn my fingers on the lids while cooking. So I found this idea in a book and put my hooks to work. I have a couple in my kitchen. It's a very simple concept. When you are cooking, put the little hat on the lid holder of the pan, tie the bow, make sure the strings are not hanging too low or you might set your stove on fire. Then just continue with your cooking.
Every time you need to lift the lid to stir the contents of the pan, the potholder is already there. You don't need to spend five minutes looking for it all over the counter tops. :o)
I really like my lid holders. I have two so far but that is because if you know me, you know this already, I don't do much cooking :p
They also make a great gift topper for bridal showers or house warming gifts.
Come on over to 2kute to check them out.

Let me know if you need a different color.


BOWquet said...

such fun colors!!!

Amiable Moray said...

Those are adorable!

Art and Sew Forth said...

These are really 'kute'! I remember my grandma I think, or maybe my mom who used something similar. But as far as cooking goes - I'm with you. If I can eat it raw - I will! I hate to cook!