Monday, January 30, 2012

Five O'clock faces

Y'all know I am an animal lover. I specially love dogs.
Bambam is my yorkiepoo, my baby, alpha dog in this household. She keeps track of
who is doing what, like Cadmus (tuxedo) and Kenneth (formerly known as Kenny, the cow cat) are up to and she tells me when they are doing something they are not supposed to be doing.
She also stares at me when any alarm in the house goes off, be it the oven timer or the dryer, also if the cell phone rings.
If my son is not home and the cell phone rings she perks up. Why you will ask, well, she somehow knows I am gonna be going out to pick him up and wants to go on a ride.
Something she does every day, no matter what, is to stare at me intently... at 5pm.
She will sit here and stare at me until I get up and feed them all dinner.
I think it is awesome. Sometimes I take pictures so I am gonna share a couple with you guys.

Do you have any stories about your pet??? Please share and...
oh sorry, gotta run, she's staring at me. Now you know what time it is on the East coast.
Be back later as soon as I finish feeding th.... gotta run.