Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Crochet baby booties with a flair

Y'all know I crochet right??? I have been crocheting for a while now.
I am really thankful for the skills I have acquired to be able to perform this art.
I making a wide variety of items. I have not tried apparel yet.
My portfolio you could say, range from items for babies to adults to home.
My latest obsession, I mean, favorite item to make, is crochet baby booties.
These are my allees. They are very kute if I may say so myself. They are kind of inspired by some 'real' shoes.
The strap swivels to be put behind baby's heel if one wants to do it.

This is my best seller so far. It's a great color for those moms
who do not want find out the gender of their baby before hand.

Then I make the very spring-y Daisy one.

Everyone likes cupcakes.

And always remember, I do custom orders so if you don't see the
color you are looking for, shoot me a message.
Come check out 2kute on facebook.

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