Monday, December 17, 2007

Going crazier

My hubby loves breaking things around the house in the name of "renovations."
Tuesday before TG he demolished our master bathroom. Great! I'll get a brand new bathroom. I do not know when, but eventually. It took him only 13 (thirteen) months to get the guest bathroom in working status.
So, there I had a messy bathroom. Of course, the dust and mess had to spread all over the house. Slowly the big dusty monster went to our bedroom, then hall, and after that chaos took over everything.
Due to health problems I cannot clean my house (sniff), so I even became depressed.
Viv came to my rescue. Even being a mom and having a full time job, she came and did a good cleaning for me. Thanks Viv. It feels much better now.
At least until your dad decides to work on the bathroom some more. Argggg....

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Our Great Family said...

He better not make a big mess or I will make him clean! lol

BTW, I had fun. Owen enjoyed chasing you around the house.