Thursday, January 3, 2008


Finally I am posting some of my work. I made this blanket by using the ripple pattern.
I made this for Bambam and she loved it. Cadmus did too.
So I made him one. I used a Simple Round Ripple Pattern that Ms Aggie May gave me.
I used 3 shades of green at my son's request (the cat is his). With RHSS it worked up really quickly. It's really fun to work in rounds with the ripple.
Cadmus decided he would share his blanket with Bam Bam.


Our Great Family said...

I LOVE the blanket you made for Cadmus. It's GORGEOUS.

I put the blue one you made for Owen in his crib last night. I figured it would keep his bed warm, even if he didn't cover himself. He cuddled with it. lol

The Reginas said...

I LOVE the green one. It's so cute and for some odd reason, fits his personality, I think anyways... :o)
I want to learn to croche....

Debbi said...

Oh how cute! I'm working on a RR the Angie May one too. I love how you did yours in greens.

Laurah said...

I like the straight ripple. It loks very nice and cozy.
The round ripple is pretty too. The greens really compliment eachother.

Misha said...

I so suck at ripples! GRRRRR! Those lucky animals!!