Monday, January 14, 2008


I love crocheting. Due to my many health problems, crochet is what keeps me from going insane. Last November I decided to started to donate my crocheted items. I don't know if ya'll have noticed, but I am a sucker for animals. I called a local no kill shelter and offered blankets. They accepted. I am making blankies for the kitties. The blankets will give them comfort at the shelter and when tehy are addopted they can take it home with them. I've made five so far (I've been donating to other causes as well). I call them "Furryghans" cause they are for little angels in fur coats.

The first one I made I call "Sunshine."

This one reminded me of limes so I call it "Citrus."

Then there's my first attempt at granny squares, "Crazy Quilt."

This was an easy one to name, "Lilac."

Last but not least I made "Ocean."

I'll keep crocheting and hope someone will enjoy my work.


me said...

i dont know which one i like more.. :o)

Misha said...

Gorgeous! Where are you donating to? They will be thrilled to get them!

CraftyAshley said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment. I love your blankets. I don't know which one to chose either. I love to crochet to relieve stress as well. The trick is to find time to crochet when life is stressful. Your donations I'm sure are loved. Keep up the great work.

Our Great Family said...

I love them! The citrus one reminds me of gum drops. lol

But I think my fave is lilac

Kimberly said...

They look great!

Debbi-a1 said...

Love these furryghans! They will be loved by animals and those who adopt the animals. What a great way to use your talent.

teakaycee said...

Oh.......those are all so neat!!!
you really do great work.

you've been tagged.
check out the rules on my blog

Anonymous said...

Love your furryghans.. That is what I do here in Minnesota.. I love doing it.. It makes me feel so good, as I am sure it does you too. Love all the colors too. Fun..

jen said...

Rose, it is so wonderful that you make these lovely blankets for the kitties! We need more people like you.

And thank you for commenting on I Made It Monday. Hope to see you again!