Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So, finally I have my store up and running. I still have more items ready to be added and I haven't stopped working. My goal is to add at least a couple items/week.
I am very busy crocheting all my charity work, but I need to sell some of my items so I can support my charity crocheting.
Have I mentioned that all proceeds from my store will go towards charity? Yep they will.
So visit my store, and if you can help out with my charities, go ahead and order something.
If you would like something you don't see, email me please. We can make some arrangements.
BTW, if you don't purchase anything, leave me a comment here of what do you think of my first store. There's no comment box at etsy.

2kute kreations


Our Great Family said...

It doesn't let me leave a comment on the etsy page...
I love the socks!

2kute said...

leave a comment here about the store

E said...

my scarf is not there. :o(

Terri said...

Love the work. I'll head over to Etsy to leave a comment next. I love the ripple star that you did. It's beautiful.

Conner Cutoff said...

happy b-day Rose!

have some cheesecake!

Terri said...

You've been tagged. Check my blog for more info.