Thursday, July 29, 2010

My baby is 18

My baby turned 18 this week. I still remember the day that he was born. I just cannot believe it. I am so proud of him and love him very much! He is going to be starting college this fall and has some great goals! I encourage him every step of the way and can't wait to see what the future holds for him.

I had a house full of family and some of his friends to celebrate his 18th birthday. As always we had so much fun! There were dogs, cats and little kids running around. Lots of laughter and yummy cake! The birthday boy asked for Chinese food so that's what we had! YUMMY! We all ate way too much. :)

They had to pack up all the food I ordered in a box. It was all so yummy

My favorite part of any birthday - THE CAKE!!! :)


Michelle said...

He's got a great Momma that raised him right. He will do fine in life:)
Love ya Rose!

2kutekreations said...

awww that is sweet of you to say. Thanks hun. Love you too.