Monday, August 2, 2010


Will this heat ever end? Sometimes I feel like I am in a desert. lol

Yesterday it was over 100 degrees outside. That is WAY too hot for any normal person but it sure make me super miserable. I feel much better when the weather is cooler. So I have to stay indoors and just try to keep cool. Which is hard when I have house chores and lots of crafts I want to work on. There are days I just want to stick my body in my fridge. Too bad I don't fit. lol There are days that not even the doggies want to go out to do their business. What do you guys do to cool off on a super hot day?


Michelle said...

jump in my pool or sit by the AC, not too much more we can do :(

Hello there! My name is June said...

Been wicked hot here as well. Wearing as little as possible & drinking things heavily laden with ice cubes is helping a little. The kids seem unaffected by the heat. Makes me want to be a kid again!

Licia said...

Heat is lame sometimes unless there is a pool nearby, and even then, ugh! Last year we were building a deck in the 103 degree temps, it was over 90 that whole week too. We set up our irrigation tubes and greenhouse misters on the work tent (like you see at craft fairs) and tried to stay close. But still, it was darn hot, dangerously so! (The deck looks awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's been so uncomfortable for you...I couldn't imagine dealing with that heat and humidity all summer.

It's hot and humid here too, but likely not the same in NY.

We like to sit indoors, or go swimming to cool off a bit.