Monday, February 28, 2011

Guest Writers

We have decided to offer everyone an opportunity to promote their handmade items on our blog.
If you would like to submit an article to be posted and promoted for free on our blog, please read the rules below.

Rules to be a guest writer in 2kute's blog:

* you need to follow 2kute's blog
* you need to follow 2kute's facebook page
* you article MUST be related to handmade items, you can write about:
1) your online shop (any venue or your own website),
2) a tutorial,
3) about someone you know who is an artist or crafter,
4) historical facts about your craft (for example, where did crochet come from)

* articles will be subject to 2kute's administration approval
* no obscenities, sexual wording or pictures, no politics, racial or religious related wording or mention
*no mature items, no mass made items,
* the only links allowed will be to websites related to handmade items
* you can have up to 3 pics displayed, make sure the pictures are yours and there are no copyright holds on said pictures by anyone
* the writer will be responsible to promote the blog in any of the social
networks (tweeter, facebook, stumbleupon etc) once daily for the time the article is the top post (about 3 days)

2kute's administration:
*will reserve the right to turn your article down if any of the rules
is not followed
*will accept one article per week and the article will remain the top post for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 7.
*will promote the blog on twitter and facebook several times a day creating more exposure

how it will be done:
you will write the article and email it to 2kute's administration
articles can be anywhere between 3-4 paragraphs
include in your article, in the place you would like the related pictures to be posted, the link to said pictures
2kute's administration will save those pictures and post them
Articles will go live every Monday morning at 9am, US Eastern time

Email us with any questions or your article for approval

These are the members of 2kute administration:
2kute, Bowquet, Creative Minds


DeSantis Vintage said...

I'm very glad to be your newest follower but also very sad that I am ineligible to be a guest writer. I could contribute great things to your blog; however, the fact that I carry beautiful vintage dresses and not handmade treasures prevents me from such a destiny. Sigh. Even still, I look forward to reading your blog.

Rachel DeSantis

2kutekreations said...

Rachel, thanks for following. Don't be sad. Soon we will expand the guest writers criteria. Perhaps have a different day. So keep an eye out.