Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Line of Baby Hats

Spring is just around the corner. I felt such a need to work with colors. I had been working with
gray, brown, black since last October.
So I decided to get my bright colors and start to design some pretty hats for wee little ones in colors that will be perfect for Spring/Easter.
I crochet using 100% cotton. What that means is that cotton is a natural fiber and it's not as warm as acrylic, which makes the hats lighter and more appropriate for the warmer weather.
You can wash them in your machine, using cold water and staying away from bleach. They will last longer if you just lay them flat on a bath towel to dry.

I had to start with yellow. Such a vibrant color. I would like to thank Photography by A Dennette
for this way 2kute picture.

Then I had to try some bright pink. I just love pink.

Of course I then decided to flip the colors around.

And I love blue. So I thought this color combo would look rather kute also.

I am still working on more, so just keep an eye out. These hats so far are available in two sizes, newborn to 3 mos and 3 to 6 mos. More sizes will be available soon.


teakaycee said...

okay..............those are too darn cute!!!

God Bless <><

2kutekreations said...

aww thanks hun
that means a lot to me

God bless you too :o)