Friday, March 25, 2011

Photography Props

We over at 2kute have decided to expand our kreations.
Now 2kute offers photography props.
Beautiful hats, crocheted by me, 2kute, for that newborn photo shoot.
I use hand spun, hand dyed merino wool.
This is the first one I made using this yarn.

It features a flower made using 100% cotton and some boa feathers. I added some beads to the center of it. Wouldn't your baby girl look stunning in her baby pictures?

Then I made a more plain one with a big advantage: it's reversible. Turn it inside out and voila, you have new textures and new mixture of colors.

Today I added a third one to the collection. Again, it's crochet, I made using merino wool, cotton and fancy fur.

I hope you have a minute or two to stop by for a visit at 2kutekreations.


Creative Minds said...

The only problem with these hats is that it is impossible to pick a favorite. lol

Michelle said...

they looked beautiful!

Michelle said...

oops look beautiful lol

PussDaddy said...

Your stuff is still so kute!


2kutekreations said...

awww thanks everyone

TamsJewelry said...

Beautiful 8) Too Kute to pick a favorite.Nice blog!