Monday, July 9, 2012

New allees

I have been posting a lot about Bambam and our fight against a mast cell tumor. She has one in her left hind leg that I found less than 2 wks ago. She'll have surgery to have it removed this Wednesday the 11th and I appreciate all the prayers.

As many of you know I crochet. Due to several chronic illnesses I am no longer able to work. It's this crocheting that will pay for Bambam's care and treatments.
I really love crocheting or as I call it, hooking (we use a hook.) I particularly like to make hats and booties.
I just made some new allees (short for alligators.) They are my best seller and I love making them.  I have two new color combinations.
Light denim with dark denim as accent color.

Dark denim with pistache as accent color.

They make great baby shower gifts. What do you think of these baby booties?
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Anonymous said...

These are SO cute! We are looking into adoption and these are going right in my cart should we get a little one. Someone in our family needs to hurry up and have a baby!