Monday, July 16, 2012

Post op

She really hates that cone.
I am sorry I skipped so many days of blogging. I have been busy taking care of Bambam.
I am gonna try and let you guys know what happened.
On Wednesday, July 11th, I dropped Bambam at the hospital at 7am. My heart was tight, I also felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach.
I filled out the paper work and kissed her. Then the nurse picked her up to take her to the back and I kissed her little nose again. I was so scared that that would be the last time I would be kissing her little wet nose.
I dragged myself back to my van. Went to Wal Mart and got a few things including a pack of wee wee pads for her. Got back in the car and just had to stop by Publix and grab a chocolate cake. I needed comfort food and was trying to stay away from home. The house is just not the same without her.
Once you get to be a certain age, time flies. You wake up and all of a sudden it's evening again. Well, not this past Wednesday. Time was dragging.
I decided not to crochet, I couldn't sit and concentrate. So I did some cleaning. One corner of my family room did me in. I was exhausted.
I had asked my son to stay home with me that day and he did. We talked and even played some video games which by the way, I suck at Forza.
So many thoughts crossing my mind. What if the blood work came back with abnormalities and she couldn't have the surgery? What if the x ray showed tumors in her spleen or liver???
By 1pm I figured that didn't happen and they were doing surgery. No news sometimes is good news. By 3:30 my phone vibrated (long story, it doesn't ring anymore) and it was Zach the nurse. He told me that she had the surgery, everything went fine, she was already awake, and even walking.
It was like I had had a brick wall on my chest and all of a sudden someone lifted it and  I let this gulp of air out. It was so loud Zach laughed and said 'you can breath again'.... seriously! jeez...
I picked her up at 5:30pm. She looked better than I thought she would but still totally groggy. I bought her a cone of shame which she hates.
Wednesday night we didn't sleep. She couldn't get comfortable with the darn piece of plastic around her neck so we just hang out in the family room taking short naps.
Thursday we slept most of the day, we were so tired.
Friday came and her doctor called. I was shaking when I recognized it was Dr BB.
She had wonderful news: the margins were clean, no cancer cells. The tumor was a low grade II meaning the cells were starting to misbehave.
Now we need to keep a close eye on Bambam and at any sign of another tumor, run to the doctor.
Note: the mast cell tumor feels and looks like a lipoma (fatty tissue)... it's so similar to a lipoma it fools the doctors until they get the pathology report back.
So if you find a lump on your cat or dog, make an appointment right away please.
I have been doing some research as to what I can do to avoid another tumor. These suckers like to reoccur.
That will be another post.
Note the personalized hot pink towel that Bambam loves. It became her 'security' blanket these days. That awesome towel was made by Kreations by Anna.
Thanks for all the prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray! That is all very good news! Let it be a long long time with no more tumors!