Saturday, July 7, 2012

Update on Bambam

Today I talked to Dr BB (her last name initials). I called Banfield early in the day to remind them I needed to know how much the surgery will cost and had a few questions for Dr BB. At a little bit after 6pm (they close at 6) she called me.
Our conversation went something like this:
me: Do you guys do CPR if her heart stops during surgery due to anesthesia?
Dr BB: Yes, unless we are otherwise told.
me: Oh I want everything you can do to bring her back if that happens. CPR, oxygen, epi... whatever it takes.
Dr BB: Ok, got it.
me: can you guys do a stain of the tissue removed at the hospital to determine if you should keep removing more tissue right away?
Dr BB: no, we have to send to pathology and wait for the results.
me: if she's been under a long time forget her dental, her teeth are not my priority right now.
Dr BB: yes, I understand. And, Dr T, head surgeon of the hospital changed her scheduled around so she can be here assisting me.
That made me feel calmer. I trust Dr BB, the fact that she asked the head surgeon to be there with her made me respect her more.

Then I asked how much the surgery will cost (BB has the Banfield wellness plan) which I was rather surprised with her answer. It will cost about half of what I thought it would.
I still have to crochet many baby hats and booties to pay for it but I will gladly do it for my Bambam.
I appreciate all the prayers. We need them.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, more puppy! I'm glad the cost isn't going to be as bad as you were thinking. That's at least one bit of stress relief. When will her surgery take place?

Anna @ Cozy Corner Crochets said...

Best of luck, Rose and BamBam. May the doctor have healing hands.

Rose Kute said...

Girlrural, surgery is on the 11th. I will keep you guys posted.