Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good Bye Cage

Two months ago today we lost one of our beloved pack members.
We found Cage, my daughter and I, a week before Thanksgiving 2002. He was wondering down our street.
She and I took BamBam for her nightly walk around 9pm or so. This beautiful dog was just walking on our street, few houses down the road.
It was thundering afar and I just could not leave a dog outside, at night in bad weather. He of course, didn't have a tag.
So I made the executive decision to bring him home, put him in the back porch and look for his owners the next day.
Well, it seems some owners just do not want to be found.
Forward about two months, it is January, 2003. I told my husband we would just keep Cage. He was disobedient, not house broken, he had also already dug half of our back yard lawn. So the next thing that had to be done was to take him in for shots and check up.
He was heartworm positive. My husband could not believe someone had dumped a dog because he was heartworm positive (in addition to being poorly trained.)
We took care of him. Did the heartworm treatment and he was fine.
Forward ten years. Cage now looks like he is nearing the end of his life. A life of many escapades. He slowed down, lost weight, lost some hair, the hair left was grayish. I estimated him to be about 12-13 yrs old. Maybe even 14.
This past April he stopped eating. There was nothing much we could do. He was in acute kidney failure. I hand fed him for about three weeks. He would look at me waiting for the next spoonful with so much love in his eyes. I will cherish those moments forever. But his kidneys were old and just could not function properly anymore. He just slipped away in his sleep.

We miss him and always will. Our pack now is short of one of the boys.
Cage right after we rescued him. I think he was a Shiba Inu/Chow mix.

Cage and Mercy playing.

Cage's favorite spot. The trunk of an old oak tree we had to cut down. He would climb on it and howl on clear nights.
RIP Cage. 11/?/2002-5/14/2013

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