Monday, July 22, 2013

That's me in the corner

Yesterday was not a bad Sunday aside from being extremely hot.
I crocheted some, did some laundry, took care of two plugged up cats that couldn't pee, did the dishes, and didn't take a nap.
Oh, I even went around the corner with BamBam which tired her, it was way too hot and humid still.
Then I fed everyone, including my humans.
After that I felt sick, all of a sudden. I was eating dinner with Nate and told him my head was numb again, I get this numbness feeling going thru my head often.
I finished my sandwich and told Sam that I was not feeling well. I grabbed my cane and went to sit on the couch. JUST IN TIME!
The seizure hit. I had only time to alert Nate who was sitting in the same room.
It was a bad seizure too. Today I am so tired, my head is confused.
I have been listening to R.E.M., Losing my Religion. When the song goes 'that is me in the corner', that hits me like a brick.
That is how I feel, like I am in a 'corner' looking at life passing by.
It's so scary to go out. I never know when a seizure will come.
What if I am at Hobby Lobby and have one?
I like to go to Hobby Lobby with BamBam. She helps to keep me from having panic attacks and I still can have some sense of independence, going out by myself.
I do not want to have always someone with me. That depresses me.
I do not know what to do from now on.
Meanwhile, I will just stand in the corner.

'That's me in the corner 
That's me in the spotlight  
Losing my religion' (R.E.M.)

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