Saturday, July 20, 2013


I have been thinking and trying to see this blog from a new perspective. I am from now on till, well, till something happens and I get too overwhelmed, going to look at my blog as a journal, a diary of sorts.
I used to love to write. That was before I was nominated to be the bill payer and check book balance-r for the family and bookkeeper for my husband's painting business. A long time ago, time gone and lost, before I had the first TIA that changed my life completely, I used to write.
Now with the stresses of life, paying bills, trying to take care of the household, fight the dust bunnies who by the way, win more battles than me, and crocheting the most I can to add stock to 2kute's  shop, I just pretty much lost all the desire to read and write.
Do not get too excited about reading my posts. They will not be full of adventures or excitement or even written poetically. They will just be about the life of a simple family who struggles to make ends meet in this economy with only one income.
I will write some posts trying to catch up with some events of this year so we can be more up to date on the whole Kute saga.
Right now, today, this is where our journey stands: I need a haircut, badly, so I am working on that whole anxiety issue of having to go out and as if that were not enough to cause panic attacks, let someone touch me. That might have to be pushed to next week.
Also, Kenny has blood in his urine. So I most likely will have to help Nate with taking Kenny to the veterinarian. That is priority today.
Besides that I plan in crocheting a baby hat to go with a pair of shorts I finished last night.
And what's for dinner? As always, I do not know.
See you guys around the bend...

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